Helmet Safety RatingsBuying a helmet is the single most important purchase you buy for your motorcycle experience.  Without a doubt, a good helmet worn correctly is a significant contributor to preventing serious injury in the event of an accident. There is a good saying - "Buy a one dollar helmet for a one dollar head".  This really means, you need to budget a good portion of your budget towards a high quality helmet, and when it comes time to buy, buy the most expensive helmet you can afford.

At Moto Hut, we can help you make an informed decision and point out safety features that sets helmets apart from each other.  Discuss your options with us, so that you ultimately have the best helmet on the most valuable part of your body!

All helmets we sell must, by law, carry a proper certification.  This is one of the major reasons why buying imported helmets directly from overseas or buying from the local flea market should be strongly AVOIDED.  With us, you can be sure that all our helmets have met local SABS testing requirements (VC8016 (1984) outlines these requirements) by the official SA distributors of the product.


ECE Helmet Rating

The most common regulation found on most helmets sold in South Africa is the European Standard: ECE R/22 (Regulation 22). This regulation is used as South Africa utilises the European market of products most often.





SHARP Helmet Rating

Sharp safety ratings represents UK helmet models, and represents the tests performed by Sharp using their testing methods.





Snell Helmet Rating

Snell tests a variety of helmets on a regular basis, and are widely known as a dominant force in helmet testing. 



An American Department of Transport certification that is required only for helmets that will be sold in the US.  It is quite normal to not see this rating on helmets sold in South Africa for this very reason.