Tire Balls Run Flat SystemTire Balls are a must have for all enduro riders.


A conventional tube will burst or deflate when the wheel takes a hard knock or a sharp object pierces it.Once this happens, the entire tube will need to be replaced leaving you stranded right where you are.

Riding with a flat wheel could and probably will cause damage to your rim/s and a severe loss of stability and control will occur.


Tire Balls are the future of tire inflation systems.

The suspension performance is enhanced by eliminating air transfer away from the tire's contact patch upon obstacle impact.




 In a conventional tube or tubeless tire, air moves away from the impact zone, creating the "bounce effect" and possibly causing rim contact.

With Tire Balls, theindividual air cells pregessively increase in air pressure at the point of contact, resulting in a smoother ride, while protecting your rim. 

Tire Balls Illustration


As seen on the left, the Tire Balls basically push air towards the impact point creating a cushion between the rim and object.

When a puncture occurs, only one of these air cells would deflate/burst giving you the ability to ride to a safe place knowing you won't damage your rims.